How To Clean Your Custom Jewelry

How To Clean Your Custom JewelryCustom jewelry is a thoughtful gift with meaning that lasts a lifetime, but what do you do when your favorite piece begins to lose its shine? In-home jewelry cleaners can be pricey, and a trip to your local jewelers may cost more time and money than you’re willing to commit on a regular basis.

Rather than leaving your custom jewelry to rest in peace in the back of your jewelry box, follow these few tips to restore beauty and shine.


From relieving symptoms of the common cold to getting rid of indigestion, Alka-Seltzer has a multitude of uses, and now you have one more reason to keep it around. Turns out, the fizzing action effectively removes oils, dirt, dust, and grease from sterling silver, chrome, and titanium. Simply place your jewelry in a bowl filled with warm water and drop in a couple tablets. Allow the jewelry to sit for about twenty minutes, and then rinse them thoroughly.


Nope, not for you; for your jewelry. Vodka is another hardworking household item that can tackle jobs big and small.

How to Identify the Natural Raw Gemstones

Natural Raw GemstonesGemstones are one of the uncountable gifts that nature has bestowed to human beings. Naturally occurring gemstones are quite fascinating and beneficial, making them widely desired by the people belonging to different time periods. These glittering objects have always been considered classy and sophisticated, when studded in the jewelry or in loose form itself.

Though, human beings have also invented artificial gemstones, the charm of the natural gemstones is invincible. These are extracted from the depth of the earth. It’s nothing less than a miracle that the earth produces the stones that have such a lustrous and royal look. It’s not like that one can start digging at any place to find precious or semi-precious stones. Gemstones can be extracted only from a few locations, such as Kashmir, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kansas, Oregon and several other such places.

Know about gemstones mining or extraction

• The formation of the gemstones occurs around 3 to 25 miles beneath the crust of the Earth.
• Diamonds and Peridot are the ones that are found much deeper in the Earth.
• Apatite, Diamond, Garnet, Tourmaline, Spinel, Tanzanite, Quartz,

Reasons Behind The Popularity of Black Tassel Necklaces

Emerald GemstoneTassel necklaces are all the rage nowadays. Due to their rising demand, they are available in a variety of designs so that women can choose one based on their own needs. What makes tassel necklaces, especially black tassel necklaces so popular among women? Let’s find out the answer.


One of the most common reasons is that these necklaces suit both formal and informal outfits. You don’t have to go for a different type of necklaces or outfit even if you are going to attend a party or wedding ceremony. This is one-size-fits-all kind of stuff.

Old is gold

They are kind of vintage items. If you go back in 1970s, you will find that they were very much revered back then. Even today, if you want to add an element of vintage to your outfits, you can go for black tassel necklaces. After all, you want to look your best each day of the year.

They are the center of attention

High heels make your gate more appealing.

Emerald Gemstone

Emerald is one of the most visually impressive and appealing gemstones with good quality stones often costing more than equivalent size diamonds. As well as these visual qualities it has an interesting mineral composition. Emeralds, like people, are often beautiful but never flawless, near flawless stones are phenomenally expensive and extremely rare. Inside an emerald you can find vanadium and chromium, but at its core this gemstone is a variation of beryl, the same mineral as Aquamarine and Morganite. It has a hardness of around 7.5/8 on the Mohs scale. An important thing to remember is that because all emeralds are included and of their hardness rating, they susceptible to damage.

Where does the name come from?

The name “emerald” as originated from Latin, specifically from Esmeraldus. At its core, this name has a Greek origin.

Properties that define the look and value of an emerald

Just like any other gemstone, Emerald is widely known as having some properties that define its looks and value. These are colour and clarity, but while in the case of other gemstones clarity is very important, the reality is that the emerald colour is the primary consideration. Clarity

How to Care for Antique Jewellery

Antique jewellery is a wonderful addition to any jewellery box, with each one representing a little slice of history and an era long gone by. Whether you have antique necklaces, rings or brooches, special care needs to be taken so that they can continue to be enjoyed and treasured for many years to come.

The first thing to remember when looking after you vintage jewellery is that it needs to be stored correctly in order to keep it in good condition. One factor that is essential to storing items appropriately is ensuring that they are kept separately form each other, to avoid any scratches or damaging tangles.

This is especially important when it comes to antique necklaces, as chains can easily break if they are snagged on other items in the jewellery box. By giving the items lots of space, you will be limiting the accidental damage that can occur from overstocking your storage container.

It is also best to store jewellery flat, as materials such as silk in antique necklaces can stretch over time if stored in a hanging position. If necessary, purchase a box especially for storing the most delicate items in order

The Art of Unique Jewelry Designs

The jewelry making process starts with the designing. Designers have to get their creative juices flowing and etch out one-of-its-kind items for the connoisseurs.

A dazzling and beautiful piece of jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Besides making her look beautiful, it makes her feel complete. Regardless of whether the jewelry piece is made of gold, platinum, silver or even artificial elements, the precision and design is a talent only few can master. Because of the high demand, designing jewelry has always been a challenging task for artisans.

What makes jewelry unique?

Jewelry design specifications are at the heart of creating marvelous gemstones that are engraved in delicate patterns of gold, silver, and other metals. It calls for not only creativity but for inspiration and intense passion. Jewelry designing skills isn’t easy. While most other professions call for a definite framework, jewelry designing requires detailed and random creativity. An out of the box thinking is always required to design the most sensational piece of jewelry.

Jewelry designing is a demanding profession and often calls for long hours of work. Jewelers should be flexible regarding their schedule. Rigidity in mindset could have an impact on

Alexandrite or Diamond

Which one is the best?

It is very hard to try to impose on someone a trend when it comes to wearing jewels and accessories in general. It is very personal as choosing your favorite color. That is why you cannot make someone put on their hand or neck s jewel that they do not like no matter that it can be the most fashionable at the moment. For example a few years ago it was very trendy to wear plastic jewels, big plastic beads on your neck and wrist. But for someone who is used to wearing only gold or silver, this is totally unacceptable.

So here is the big dilemma – Alexandrite rings or diamond rings? Which ones look better? Which one are more expensive? Which ones are accepted by society as a sign of high class and style? The answer to all these questions is that both gems are highly valued and appreciated. The truth is that people are somewhat tired of diamonds. Everywhere you look, there are diamonds – rings, ear rings, bracelets, pendants, etc. When you visit some of the most famous jewelry shops like Tiffany’s, you get chills just by

Where Should I Buy Vintage Jewellery

In recent years it has become increasingly popular to purchase items of antique and vintage jewellery compared with newer pieces on the market. One specific reason for this is that these second hand items often offer a unique and somewhat sentimental appeal that brand new pieces simply do not have.

Seeking out a gorgeous piece of vintage jewellery that you like, however, can be tricky. For those who are new to the whole experience, it can be difficult to know where to start looking. In addition to this, there is also the concern that what you are spending your hard earned money on is not the genuine article.

The first place that many people are tempted to go to for pieces like Art Deco jewellery is on online auction sites such as eBay or stores such as Etsy. This is not surprising, as these online stores generally offer some exceptional prices and the entire buying process is very quick and simple.

Indeed, there are many jewellery dealers on sites like these that sell a huge range of pieces from various eras, encompassing a vast range of ancient, antique, vintage and modern jewellery. Despite the plus

Smarter Appeal With Alternate Range of Jewelry Made From Ceramic

Rings are especial type of jewelry that comes in round shape. This assortment of merchandise is commonly used across all the corners of the contemporary world. Rings are usually worn around the fingers or the toes. Contrasting varieties of ornaments like earrings, neck rings or torcs, etc. are also widely popular in the market. Usually, the simple terminology “ring” is used to refer to any ornament that is meant to slip into the fingers.

Rings have some amazing history. All the great emperors, statesmen, and conquerors – cutting across culture, timeline, and geographical location – are known to have worn rings around their fingers. The range of jewelry turned into a quintessential component of the wedding ritual during the Vatican era. The round shape of wedding rings ideally resembled eternal love among couples. Traditionally, the assortment of ornaments was made from precious metals like gold and silver. Moreover, the dearer variety used to be studded with precious stones like diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby, etc.

In a striking development, craze for premium variety of rings made from precious metals is steadily drooping. Actually, gold is exorbitantly expensive these days. Thus, smarter folks think twice before investing

Natural Uncut Stones Transformed Into Precious Stone Jewelry

Gemstones are minerals or stones found in nature that need to be cut and polished for use as jewelry. Polishing stones for jewelry is an art as well as skill. The polished stones look beautiful, durable and are used to make jewelry. The rocks are cut to give it the shape and the glitter using either machines or by hand.

A summary of the techniques used for cutting and polishing gems:

• Sawing
• Grinding
• Sanding
• Lapping
• Polishing
• Drilling
• Tumbling

With the above techniques, gemstones are given the following forms:

• Cabochons
• Faceted stones
• Beads and spheres
• Inlays
• mosaics
• Cameos and intaglios
• Sculptures

The process of cutting gemstones

The cutting of precious stones is called faceting. Usually a simple machine is used to grind the facet of the stone to cut and polish it. The machine is a simple machine that has a grinding plate called the lap and a set of protractors that hold the stone. The person working on this machine is called the faceter who controls the machine to grind the face of the stone and polish it.

How To Buy Bracelets For Girls

If you are looking for personalized friendship bracelets or just simple bracelets for girls, the tips I have given below can help you with your buying decision. Bracelets are the piece of jewelry that will make your look more beautiful. They also make the best friend jewelry for adults. In this article, I am going to shed some light on the types of bracelets and the factors you should bear in mind when buying them.

Bracelets are of different types

Bracelets are of many types. Some most common types are described below. Based on your taste, you can go for one.

Chain bracelets

As far popularity is concerned, these bracelets are on top of the list. Nowadays, they are all the rage and made from interlocking links. The interesting thing is that the links are of a variety of sizes and shapes. The way they are designed makes these bracelets a lot more flexible, and they can be put on with any outfit you like.

Charm bracelets

Made from silver or gold, charm bracelets feature an open-link chain for you to attach little charms. What makes these bracelets ideal is the fact

Tumbled Stones For Healing, Prosperity, Peace and Love

The definition of a beautiful life is good health, prosperity, harmony, peace and love. Another definition of life is the circumstances that prevent one from living a beautiful life, making it stressful, difficult and loaded with ill-health. Tumbled crystals, tumbled rocks can alter your life to a beautiful life as crystal and rocks do posses an aura, a power that is specifically used for healing and balancing the energy.

What are Tumbled Stones?

Pieces of natural minerals or rocks that are usually 1 to 5 cm, which are processed to make them smooth, round pebbles are called tumbled stones. Every rock or mineral is selected for its appearance, color, translucence, ability to withstand polishing. Some people simply collect rocks and minerals as a hobby, while one also has the option to buy tumbled stones.

How to polish rocks and stones?

People who collect rocks and stones as a hobby can polish the same with polishing material and sand paper. Rock tumbler kits are available at most stores for hobbyists. Business houses who deal with the supply of tumbled stones identify the purpose of the use of stone to cut, polish and sell it as

All About Best Friendship Jewelry

Why Best Friend Jewelry?

One of the best ways to show your love and appreciation to your best friend is through best Friend jewelry. The limits of best friend jewelry are only as far as your imagination as there are many types of jewelry that you can go for.

Type of Personalized Best Friend Jewelry

There are many ways to show your best friend the love and affection that you hold for them. There are many types of personalized best friend jewelry that you can share with a friend, or multiple friends if you have a group of good friends.

You and your friends can all purchase the same necklace, as with the engraved name discs necklace with birthstones set into gold plated silver. With this necklace, each one of the discs will have the name of one of the friends, as well as their birthstone.

As many discs as needed can be placed on the necklace, making it perfect for those who have more than one best friend that they want to make a custom best Friend jewelry piece.

There are also pieces are custom best friend jewelry that are different

How Do I Choose A Cocktail Ring

How do I choose a cocktail ring? I get this question all the time and I can tell you from one jewelry lover to another, it’s not always easy. I mean, there are so many styles and kinds of cocktail rings in so many mediums that the task can be quite daunting. So I will attempt to steer you to choosing the perfect ring for any occasion.

The first thing to consider, and by far the most important, is your own personal style. Are you a traditionalist who wears suits to work and crisp woolen slacks with a cashmere sweater in your leisure time? Or are you a bohemian sort of gal who never wears matching anything and loves to mix colors and textures? Then there’s the modern woman who likes to dress up for special occasions but otherwise prefers sweats or jeans. And lastly there’s the woman who loves to dress up, even for such mundane tasks as grocery shopping or checking out an audio book at the library.

There is a cocktail ring for each type of woman, except those who simply don’t like wearing jewelry, in which case they won’t need this advice.

How to Store Your Earrings

Earrings come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from chandelier antique earrings right through to modern stud styles and designs. One of the issues that arises for many women is how to organise and store all of their jewellery so that it is protected as well as easy to find when they need it.

The first thing that you should consider for precious jewellery – especially with vintage and antique earrings that are more delicate and can be more easily damaged that modern pieces – is that caring for these items should be a priority. With this in mind, it is important to store your items in certain quality conditions.

Metals and precious stones are subject to damage from light, moisture and fluctuating temperature, so it is important that storing high quality items takes this into consideration. One solution is to keep your items in jewellery boxes that are lined with a breathable material such as cotton, and then put these jewellery boxes in a ventilated place benefiting from a stable, moderate temperature.

Although it can be tempting to have all your gorgeous vintage or antique earrings on display all the time, they will often

Top 10 Rarest Gemstones in the World

If asked to define that what gemstones are, then it would be right to say that these are those gifts of nature that bring charm and positivity to our lives. There are myriads of precious and semi-precious gemstones that have been prized since ages. Though, all gemstones are valuable, but some of them are quite rare and extraordinary. Here is a list of the world’s 10 rarest gemstones:

1. Pink Star Diamond:

This gemstone is 1.06 inches by 0.81 inches (2.69 cm by 2.06 cm). It was put up for auction on November 13, 2013 in Geneva and at $60 million, which also set up a record. The person who bought this gemstone renamed it to Pink Dream.

2. Tanzanite:

It’s a blueish-purple gemstone, which is quite rare. Tanzanite is rare because it can only be extracted from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It’s also believed that since Tanzanite is only found at one location, then there are chances that it might get depleted in 20 years.

3. Taaffeite:

Taaffeite is quite a rare gemstone and only a few of them have been found. These rocks are found in Tanzania

What Do Stones Mean in Engagement Rings

An engagement ring has always been a symbol of marriage, as it is in a shape of a circle – the sign of invariability and stability. Long ago people used to believe: the simpler and smoother the adornment is – the firmer marriage will be. But now this superstition is old-fashioned. Engagement rings today can be twisted, with all possible engravings, notches, runes, with precious or half-precious stones. Such Rings must be selected extremely carefully, as stones have their own meanings and energy profiles, stones even can influence the marriage and the character of their owners! Let us tell about the most popular precious stones in engagement rings.

The most popular precious stones in rings


Engagement rings with diamonds are considered to be the symbol of purity and permanency. Ancient Greeks believed that uncut diamonds were the tears of Gods; the Romans thought this jewel was a fallen star. If a couple chooses precious adornments with a diamond, they will live long and happily, and all the misfortunes will be endured easily.


This stone, symbolizing passion and energy, is believed to have healing properties and helps the spouses to avoid quarrels

Cash for Gold and Other Ways You Can Make Money With Things in Your Home

If you need to make some extra dough quickly, you’re in luck-it is possible the items sitting in your living room are valuable. You can get cash for gold jewelry, old sweaters, baby toys, and even empty space in your garage. All you need to do is find the right place-or website-to sell these things.

Rent Out Your Attic (or Backyard)

Websites allow you to list your house or a few rooms for others to rent. Did you notice that there are also sites for renting storage space in your home? Storage space is a hot commodity, especially in cities where the cost-of-living is high. If you have an empty closet, a few spare feet in your attic, or some shelves free in your garage, rent this space to other people as short- or long-term storage.

Many travelers look for a place to lay their head. If you have a backyard, try lending it to campers. This could be especially lucrative if your yard is located near a large music festival or convention center. Some people look to camping as an alternative when in cities with few hotels or limited hotel space.

Get Cash

What You Should Do Before Buying A Custom Engagement Ring

If you think that custom-designed rings are the stuff of legends and can only be afforded by super-stars and odd folks who are ready to waste a fortune on something ridiculous, you must be out of the game, my friend. It’s 2016 out there, and that means people are more than happy to do all kinds of “customizing tweaks” for the clients for a solid price. You could say going with a custom engagement ring is the new normal. Despite the fact that there are all kinds of different offers on the market, there’s no guarantee you’ll find you perfect jewelry even if you circle around the block a couple of times, if you know what I mean. So, with that said, you need to learn about a few useful tips and tricks that will help you design your perfect ring for the generations to enjoy. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Go With A Respected Jeweler

This is probably the most important thing to do, and It would be a good idea to ask your friends/relatives about their favorite jeweler. Remember: if you decided to buy a diamond, make sure that it comes with a

How To Buy Pearl Tassel Necklaces For Your Wedding

Weddings are the most crucial event in any couple’s life. A wedding means a lot of planning and deciding so as to help everything proceed in an organized manner. A woman has to shop for a lot before her wedding. There is her dress, her makeup trials, her veils, her footwear and what not. One such very important thing in her to do list is jewellery shopping, and pearl tassel necklaces may be a good option.

A bride is always imagined decked up in the best of jewellery pieces. It is her special day. After all, she deserves to look the best. However, the budget for a wedding often surpasses the limit and it is, for this reason, most of the woman want to cut off some expenses on her jewellery. But shopping for cheap does not always mean you have to compromise on the quality if you know what to buy. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get reasonably priced tassel necklaces.

Get it from a local jeweler

This is one of the best ways of getting your wedding jewellery for cheap. The bigger the store is